Gingerbread Horse is a community-led fundraising challenge in support of Riding for the Disabled. Join in now and register as a Gingerbread Horse Baker. Bake and decorate tasty Gingerbread Horse biscuits, then sell your biscuits to friends, family, workmates and the public. Donating the proceeds will assist us to reach (many) more RDA riders and change more lives.

Joining the Gingerbread Horse Challenge is easy. Just follow these 5 simple steps:

To join the Gingerbread Horse Challenge for RDA, please register online as either a New or Returning Individual Baker, Business Baker or School Baker. We'll send you a special Baking Pack. You can bake anytime during August or soon after.

Bake one batch (or many more) of tasty Gingerbread Horse biscuits using your own recipe or Jo Seagar's special biscuit recipe and horse-shaped cookie cutter provided in your Baking Pack.

After your biscuits have been baked, decorate them however you like from dipping them in melted chocolate to icing them and adding sprinkles. This is your chance to get creative! Once they're all decorated and looking great, use the provided bags, stickers and inserts to package your biscuits ready for sale.

Sell your biscuits to friends, family, workmates and the public for just $2 per biscuit. To help, we include advertising posters in your Baking Pack, as well as hints and tips on how, where and when to sell your biscuits.

Once your Gingerbread Horse biscuits sales are all complete, please donate the proceeds of your sales to NZ Riding for the Disabled by the due date. After all donations are finalised, we will announce the prize draw winners.

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